Welcome to our Flasghip Store in Berlin’s coolest and most stylish mall, the BIKINI Berlin. We promise a unique and sustainable experience of your senses. Try our organic cosmetics and see how the CREAMS are made.

Founder, Product Developer and Pharmacist: Benjamin Ma invites you to try out new level of unique skin sensation!

Discover the secret of native beauty every Friday at 6 PM and Saturday at 4 pm. See how our organic skincare is made and benefit from our 20% OFF deal!

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This is a QUILLAY tree (Quillaja Saponaria) and we use the extract to manufacture CREAMS totally free from chemistry. We had the honor to visit the plantations and we cannot be happier with the agriculture. The trees are never killed, just 30 percent of the tree is cut and dried to obtain the wood, that is extracted in a complex procedure, solely with water The government of Chile prohibits also the use of trees, that grow along the water stream in between the hills where it's allowed to harvest Quillaja. Like this long lasting harvesting grounds are secured for a sustainable agriculture. A tree has also to be at least 15 years of age until it's used to harvest wood material We'll have a report about Quillaja Saponaria wood extract soon so keep following that you don't miss it #paleokosmetik #paleoskincare #paleobiokosmetik #greenbeauty #nachhaltigkeit #CREAMS #ic_creams #biokosmetik #naturkosmetik #bionaturkosmetik #handcreme #handbalsam #handpflege #crueltyfree #ohnetierversuche #NATRUE #quillay #quillaja #creamsofthestoneage

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We’re minimalists and love to keep it easy. So we don’t offer a broad range of products, but hand care, body lotion and face care with hand selected vegetable oils in best quality.

What’s inside matters!

Come to our cooking sessions, choose the oils that you would like to use in your daily skin care, ask us your questions!


We ❤️ to cook! Here you see the prototype of our facial care in development that'll be based on Argan oil and that is 100% VEGAN We have a give away for you: For all, who order today or tomorrow with our voucher OSTERCREAMS – we give away two of our prototype facial CREAMS, 15 ml each, self-made, by choice with or without scent Just order with the voucher and send us a quick hello via Facebook #paleokosmetik #paleoskincare #paleobiokosmetik #nachhaltigkeit #creams #ic_creams #biokosmetik #naturkosmetik #bionaturkosmetik #handcreme #handbalsam #crueltyfree #ohnetierversuche #NATRUE #beauty #greenbeauty #vegan #veganbeauty #creamsofthestoneage

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Use the navigation service in the map below and get to CREAMS OF THE STONE AGE im BIKINI BERLIN

      We recommend to take public transport to railway and underground station Berlin Zoologischer Garten

      The CREAMS at a glance